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Google Analytics – IdentityNow Integration


2 Certified Professionals

40 Hours ​

The client required an integration of Google Analytics with SailPoint IdentityNow. This would enable the automation and management of Google Analytics access. The integration will be carried out by utilising Google Analytics REST APIs on the IdentityNow web services connector.


The main concern was configuring a WebServices connector to use the Google Analytics REST API, which necessitated the ability to remove access for users. The entitlements were to be removed by hitting dynamic endpoints based on segments from entitlement value.


The team chose to utilise custom connector rules in conjunction with the Google Analytics API to implement the removal of access after carefully examining the client’s setup in terms of details such as the structure of Profile, Property and Account.During the process, there were certain use cases that had to be implemented, starting with the joiner-mover-leaver scenario of all users.


  • The connector rule functioned as intended, removing the required entitlements when the deprovisioning task was triggered.
  • Extensive testing was performed before deploying the solution for the customer, keeping all possibilities in mind.
  • As a result, the integration was successful and contributed to the automation of the JML scenario.

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