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Vendor Remote Access

Pharmaceutical Sector​

2 Certified Professionals

200 Hours ​

The client required a solution to provide secure access to external vendors and contractors with advanced capabilities like password masking, session recording, and VPN-less access.


The client faced struggles in managing and monitoring access of multiple people from vendors, contractors, and employees logging in with different accounts from different parts of the world. Also, the limited knowledge of accounts being used and systems being connected to using those accounts, along with no insight into vendor and contractor professional lifecycle posed a serious problem and threat to the company’s security.


After understanding the client’s use case and other business requirements our team implemented the BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access cloud solution.

We architected the solution and installed the infrastructure components using a High Availability configuration

After integrating the Active directory, the user accounts were mapped to servers and vaulted the privileged credentials. In addition, multiple policies were implemented for different role types to provide session recording, monitoring, and forensics to give a detailed view into machines being used and activities performed. Moreover, an automated discovery process was set up for Windows and AD accounts.

Finally, we also set up the vendor self registration and management portal. This allowed vendors to register and maintain their own employees while being approved and audited by the client team.


An efficient remote access solution with automated discovery, password vaulting and self registration, implemented with industry leading best practices.

Improved security stature, robust auditing & enhanced session reporting and monitoring capabilities for vendors connecting to internal systems

Project time reduction and quick setup because of our accelerators and experienced professionals

How SecurDI Can Help

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