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RBAC Framework Development

40000+ Roles Cleanup

98% Role Reduction

Enhanced Role Management Framework

Complete makeover of the RBAC framework for a medical insurance client using a cohort based top down approach to re-organize and structure their role hierarchy while adopting industry best practices

The role management solution for the medical insurance client involved a top-down, cohort-based approach to role engineering, resulting in a significant reduction of their 40,000 roles by around 98% without hampering the organization’s role requirements.

A new, robust Role Based Access Control (RBAC) framework was developed to address regulatory and functional issues, resolve technical challenges, and optimize the existing Identity and Access Management infrastructure.

By utilizing the existing SailPoint IIQ system and reporting tools, and by setting up a streamlined review and approval process, we ensured a concrete and timely implementation while adhering to industry best practices in role management.


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