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Transformed Workflow: Seamless Automation of process with Saviynt IGA Solution

40K users

2 Professionals

20 weeks

Zero downtime

Automated User Life Cycle Management for a client, enhancing efficiency in HR and Active Directory processes. Achievements include eliminating manual ticketing, setting up automated access reviews, and successfully migrating 40K users to Saviynt IGA. The project resulted in streamlined workflows and improved user experiences.

SecurDI professionals collaborated with a client’s HR team for transition from a manual to an automated process in their User Life Cycle Management. We understood their existing processes and implemented the change using the Saviynt IGA platform.
Specifically, we automated the HR system and Active Directory using technical rules for the joiner scenario. Similarly, for the leaver scenario, we replaced the manual process of raising tickets to remove a user from AD with Saviynt’s user update rule.

  • A new environment was set up with automated access reviews and accommodated new and existing users lifecycle management.
  • HR processes improved significantly by handling complicated manual processes through Saviynt.
  • Smooth user experience throughout the project.
  • Customized reports built for IAM teams and leadership for their regular business activities

We were successful in migrating 40K users from manual to automated access reviews with Saviynt IGA. SecurDI professionals delivered a comprehensive solution, encompassing technical implementations, future progression and services.