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PAM Migration Cleanup

Product: Delinea

The easy-to-use automation, clients solution that clients can use to automate the cleanup of duplicate accounts from the Secret Server and also enhances secret count optimization which is essential for the cloud.

With the help of this automation solution, clients can:

  • Significantly reduce the level of manual effort 
  • Achieve license optimization
  • Reduce the scope of manual error
  • Get detailed logs of the entire process
  • Save 4x the amount of time

Use Case:

Scenario: Client ABC was performing a migration from the on-premise Secret Server version to a Secret Server Cloud. During the migration, Secret Server created duplicates of various secrets (~3000 duplicates). The client wanted an automated way to cleanup of all the duplicates so their Cloud instance is pristine.

Problem Statement: When performing a migration, duplicate secrets are created in Secret Server, if the well-defined process is not followed or configurations are not in the correct order. This poses a problem as users are not sure which account is correct. In addition, if these accounts have Remote Password Changing (RPC) enabled there may be issues deciphering which accounts have the correct passwords. Moreover, on the cloud, you are limited to 10K secrets (unless you have purchased more). Because of all the above reasons, we need to clean up the duplicate secrets.  This practice helps follow good security hygiene and also ensures only the required privileged accounts are being managed by Secret Server.

Solution: A custom script can help achieve the above use case. SecurDI’s Delinea consultants have built a script leveraging Secret Server REST API which takes a CSV file input and deletes the duplicate accounts in Secret Server. Moreover, the script also provides a detailed audit log which keeps track of the changes made within the environment.

Operational Efficiency: This automation solution eliminates the possibility of a manual error and increases overall efficiency up to 4x times. Apart from saving time and effort, it helps the client have a cleaner view of the accounts and a better user experience. It is crucial that organizations follow proper security standards and leveraging automation solutions can help achieve this. Not only does it provide better security and improve operational efficiency, but it also helps clients have better control and governance over their privileged landscape.

How SecurDI can help?

SecurDI’s seasoned consultants have undertaken many projects for strategy, implementations, operation and custom development. We can help make the most efficient and effective utilization of your investment and go further in expanding and improving your cyber security stature.


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