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Auto List Update Script- Delinea Secret Server

Key Outcomes


  • List with the updated server names available to users.

  • Both addition and deletion of items in the Secret Server list performed automatically.

  • Weekly updation of list by executing script as scheduled task

  • Reduced time and manual Effort

The Use Case

Scenario: Client ABC uses Delinea Secret Server to manage and securely access privileged accounts present in their environment. They also use Secret Server to launch sessions(connect) to different windows server and Unix machines in their network using these privileged accounts. Delinea Secret Server offers a List feature that allows its users to create a list that can be used to store the Windows, and Linux machine names, and when user wants to launch a session using a stored secret from Secret Server they can just select a machine name from this predefined list of servers and launch a session into that machine.

Problem Statement: Client wanted to add and remove entries in the Secret Server list every week according to a csv list file that they maintain which contains the name of all servers(Windows and Unix) available for users to access. Now, Lists can be updated using the Secret Server web GUI but doing this manually is a tedious and time consuming task and also not as practical since the internal csv list was updated every week also not to mention the human errors that may occur.

Solution: A custom PAM script leveraging Secret Server REST API which takes a csv file as input and then compares and updates the lists already present in the Secret Server by adding or removing entries in accordance with this input CSV. Also the Script was set up to run as a scheduled task every week.

Operational Efficiency: This automation solution decreases manual effort and increases the overall efficiency. Apart from saving time and effort, Dynamic data updation capabilities provided by the scripts make it easier to maintain the latest information in a system(in our use case the Secret Server lists). 

How SecurDI can help

Delinea Secret Server is a powerful PAM solution with many features and capabilities. But understanding these functionalities and how they align with your organization’s PAM needs requires professional industry experience. We at SecurDI enable the organizations to meet their PAM goals with the help of our seasoned professionals with varying experiences, making it easier for organizations to precisely understand their requirements and how to best implement a solution.