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SecurDI was my first choice – Clarissa Macdonald, Lead Operations

Even before the pandemic put a halt on life as we knew it, Clarissa had taken a break from her 9 to 5 work life to start a 24 hour job – a full-time parent. Clarissa started working with us last year in August and has been an integral part in running our business operations.

Despite the change in the work environment due the pandemic, she was eager to start working with us. Almost a year since she joined SecurDI and she shares her experience working with us and why you should too!

Why did you join SecurDI and what is your role here?

I decided to join SecurDI because of my conversation with Pawan Nallan, who listened to what I had to say and understood that I’d need time to find my balance with work and kids. I loved that I was asked so many questions to understand if I’d fit the culture of the organization. It felt like SecurDI trusted that I’d be able to learn or manage the job, so they were more interested to understand my personality and if I’d uphold their company values.

I have 12 years of experience as a business communicative competence facilitator, however SecurDI has given me this wonderful opportunity to work with business operations and human resources.

Joining a growing business is demanding, so why choose SecurDI as your first company back in the workforce?

I decided to start work because I knew that I had the support at home as well as SecurDI gave me 4 months to ease in. That was when I knew SecurDI was the company I wanted to join. SecurDI listens to understand!

What’s it like being a woman at SecurDI? Does your team value diversity and inclusion?

I feel proud to work with SecurDI but that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a woman. There is a sense of belonging established in the organization and everyone is treated equally. When it comes to any success or failure, we all take equal responsibility. Being a woman at SecurDI feels no different than being a man working at SecurDI – isn’t that how it should be?

Is work-life balance a priority at SecurDI? How do you make time for family and work?

Trip to Golconda after the pandemic

A proper work life balance is encouraged at SecurDI. It is an important ingredient to succeed both at work and at life. At SecurDI our time as well as our space is valued.

To be honest, I’m still in the process of finding my balance with work, family and my life. It has its ups and downs – I’m yet to find someone who has it all figured out.

What are you most excited about with your future at SecurDI?

I’m excited about all the new things I get to learn every day – No day is the same, it’s continuous learning. I’m really looking forward to implementing what I learn to streamline our operational processes within the next year.

Why would you encourage professionals to join SecurDI?

I would encourage professionals to join SecurDI only if they are passionate about owning a task from end-to-end.

If you see yourself working well with a team and if you realise that there is always scope for learning – SecurDI is the place for you.

First Team Lunch

Do you have advice for new starters who are concerned about joining a growing business like SecurDI?

Communication is key. You need to find a mentor – someone who knows the business either within SecurDI or outside. If it is a growing business or otherwise having a mentor to communicate freely with and guiding you is paramount. I have not one but two mentors, one at home and one at SecurDI.