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A Year with SecurDI as the First Employee of the organisation – Dhanin Asarpota, Lead Security Engineer

Dhanin Asarpota has been a part of SecurDI since its inception. He has been observant, outspoken and focused in achieving his goals which are so well entwined with the organization’s goals. He completed a year with SecurDI and he has had many firsts in that year. SecurDI started its operations during the pandemic and Dhanin who was used to working with teams face – to -face now had to manage a team of recent graduates remotely. He not only stepped up to the plate but he ensured that his team members were certified in one product by the end of 2021. Let’s hear from Dhanin about his experience last year…

How did it feel to be hired as the first employee of SecurDI?

It was a bucket of emotions. I felt excited, nervous, hopeful, and anxious. However, it was all good energy and on my first day, I felt right at home.

What has your experience been from when you started till now?

From a professional perspective, I have learned leaps and bounds by strategizing and implementing multiple products across the cyber world for clients across multiple industries. The direct interactions with clients, partners, and leaders have allowed me to become a better communicator and know about how to solve a wide range of cyber problems that clients face. 

From a personal perspective, SecurDI has allowed me to continue pursuing my passions for cooking and staying fit. In fact the leadership at all levels even encourages a strong work – life balance. One of them even spends some hours every weekend dancing! There are also small communities within SecurDI like the Reading Nook where all of us passionate about reading get together and just talk about books!

Dhanin was surprised on his birthday with a virtual get together and fine art depicting Dhanin in through their drawings

Out of all the experiences you’ve had this year, which was the most rewarding?

For me when my team completed their certification within 3 months and successfully started (and now finished) their first Delinea projects was the most rewarding experience. Seeing the fruit of all the efforts after coaching and training people so close to you is truly an awesome feeling. I would like to say this would not have been possible without an amazing colleague like Clarissa. The mentorships provided by her to all the juniors has been invaluable in their professional growth and success, so a big shout out and congratulations to her.

Dhanin with Suneet Singh and Nanda Kishore – His first batch of reportees

What advice do you have for new starters?

I think the first few years are very formative so they need to explore while making most of their free time. They should take initiatives to connect with leaders, their peers, ask questions and be prepared for any discussions they have, so as to make effective use of everyone’s time. While doing this, attention to their overall learning and development should not be lost and they should put their utmost dedication into it. Moreover, take time out for your hobbies and passions, it’s a great way to stay fit and motivated. 

What do you see in your future with SecurDI?

I look forward to leading global engagements, managing partnerships for SecurDI and streamlining both technical and operational processes.

SecurDI began 2022 by recognising the efforts of all employees  and Dhanin was right up there winning the Mountain Mover Award for his contributions to the organisation.

Tech, HR and Ops team – coffee rendezvous